Rise & Shine Group - a global leader in Contracting LLP welcomes you to INDIA!!!  
Rise & Shine Group is based out of Bangalore in India. It has been certified as an ISO 9000:2001 and ISO 14001 company by the Karnataka State PWD Department and is also registered with KPHCL & KPTCL.
The Rise & Shine Group – INDIA, provides its clients with one-stop fully integrated effective construction management plan. Our cost effective measures and expertise in the field helps in accomplishing goals of all magnitude and budgets alleviating your stress and conserving your time.

  Our wide ranges of services include:  
Redefining Construction Completely
Project Management and Enterprise Resource
Planning with Microscopic systems and Land analysis
Value Estimation of a Project
Contract Management
Field Inspection
Topographical Review with Mapping and Surveying (including Project Planning)
Financial Budgeting and accounting
Human Resource Management
Facility Management