UAE : About Us  

RISE & SHINE has been working in the UAE since 2006 with plans to proceed for success. The company started growing from a medium sized contracting firm in Sharjah, UAE and has become one of the market leaders in the field of Contracting with specialization in Fire stop Application, Supply and Apply of Waterproofing Chemicals, Epoxy Floor Coating and Construction Chemicals Application. The company has strength of highly skilled professionals including Engineers, Applicators, Painters, Masons, Technicians, Laborers and Mechanics etc.

RISE & SHINE has well established branches in four countries including UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arab, and India. We have a solid foundation based upon Good Market Reputation, Honesty, Respect, High Quality, Workmanship, Long Term Client Relationship, Professional Management and Innovation. Safety on the work place is one of our key criteria which help us to achieve success and our commitment to maintain the highest standards of excellence.

We make it a priority to arrange refresher courses, technical training sessions, seminars and briefings to maintain and promote the knowledge of our employees in our organization. We constantly develop and train our staff to enhance their capabilities to make use of the latest technology and best practices. Furthermore, we continuously strive to upgrade project’s control, where initiative is recognized and results are awarded.