Rise & Shine Group of Companies : About Us : What we are?
The Rise & Shine Group assists a wide range of clientele across the globe, providing services to infrastructure owners, management firms, process plants, airports, hospitality sectors, real estate firms and a broad-spectrum of contractors. Our highly professional and knowledgeable team works closely with the clients providing them with turnkey solutions.

We facilitate a comprehensive management of all the processes and costs engendering many practical reports inclusive of ROI, cost & time forecasts and other comparatives.

Our areas of specialization comprises of a broad spectrum:
Project Management Consultancies
Architectural, Structural and Landscaping Consultancies
Consultancy of EPC Projects, with specialization in Construction Works.
Techno Legal Services
Innovative Software Development for Construction
Man Power Consultancy of all Vocations.
Facility Management
Trading of Diverse Construction / Project Related Materials
Financial Planning and Investor Sourcing
Marketing of Real Estate Projects
Specialized Tasks in Fire Stops, Industrial Insulation, Claddings etc.